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Floor Area Calculator

The best way to measure a room is to break it down in to rectangular areas. Then, put the dimensions of each area in to the calcualtor (if you're stuck on Imperial - as we are - you can input in feet and inches and still get a square metres result), then add the areas together. We would always recommend you add 10% to the quantity needed. This allows for wastage and cutting, and will still leave enough for 'accidents' that need a repair in years to come!

Many of the products we sell come in fixed pack sizes, so you will have to take this in to account when ordering. For example, you may calculate you need 12 square metres, but if the packs are 2.5 square metres you will have to buy 5 packs, totalling 12.5 square metres.

Dimensions      Measured in:
Area in Square Feet
Area in Square Meters